fighting body pollution
fighting body pollution
Introduction to Fighting Body Pollution

It seems that not a day goes by without seeing some negative story in the newspaper or on television regarding our environment. Global warming, air and water pollution, the thinning ozone layer…the list goes on. As a nutritionist, I can’t help wondering what this is doing to our health. How could environmental pollution damage the earth without damaging us as well? The effect of the environment on our health really hit me on a trip to Asia when I noticed more than half the people walking or cycling the streets wearing face masks to protect themselves from dirty air. Thankfully I live in Canada, I thought. Then I learned that air pollution can travel from Asia in North America in 3 days – not much longer than it took me to fly home!

The truth is that every living thing on the planet is affected by the environment, and none more than we are. How can we protect ourselves from the damage of environmental pollution that enters our bodies – what I call body pollution? What steps can we take to maintain or improve our health in today’s polluted world?

This book is your guide to using the latest research into the benefits of nutrition, food supplements, exercise, and stress reduction to maximize your health. Although we cannot avoid pollution entirely, we can all take steps to reduce its negative impact on our body. I outline easy and practical steps you can take today, that over time, will add years of productive, healthy time to your life.

fighting body pollution

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