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Life is Too Short...

In the early 1900's, premature death was due mostly to communicable diseases...

Today death is mostly due to lifestyle related conditions. Bad eating habits, stress and lack of exercise often lead to heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes.

Much of the food we eat is not safe anymore due to the overuse of food chemicals and additives.

Leading causes of premature death in the early 1900's: Leading causes of premature death today:
  • Diphtheria
  • Influenza
  • Tuberculosis
  • Pneumonia
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

In the latest World Health Organization Report we see that of the nearly 56 million people who have died, 16.97 million people, or 33%, have died of cardiovascular diseases.

Over 7 million have died of cancer-related diseases.

3.6 million have died of respiratory diseases, while another 101 million are listed as suffering from them.

And just over 3/4 of a million people have died of diabetes.

This and earlier reports point to the disturbing conclusion that these non-communicable diseases will increase in occurrence.

Think about it, the incidence of cancer has doubled for the people born in the 1940's compared to those born during the years 1888-1897.

Now, 1 in 3 North American women will be diagnosed with cancer during their lifetime.

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But WHY is this happening?

Let's look at the air we breathefight body pollution with natural herbal remedy
One billion people, mostly women and children, are regularly exposed to levels of indoor air pollution exceeding World Health Organization guidelines by up to 100 times.

Next time you are dropping your children or grandchildren off at school, see how many kids have inhalers to help them with asthma-related breathing problems.  Then think back to when you attended school and the magnitude of the problem will hit you.  The level of pollution has overwhelmed children's natural ability to fight back and deactivate the toxic overload.

It is predicted that by the year 2020, 8 million people will die annually from the air pollution we cause .

fight body pollution with lifestyle intraHow about the water we drink?

Millions of people around the world have no choice but to consume water that exceeds the lead contamination level deemed acceptable by the World Health Organization.

Studies show that over 80% of U.S. streams and rivers are contaminated with a broad array of medical drugs, including hormones, antibiotics, antidepressants and heart mediations, as well as chemicals from personal care and household cleaning products.

Now, let's look at the food we eat

fight body pollution with natural herbal remedyWe used to say, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." ... but now, those lovely looking apples we eat are full of pesticides.  Even the worms do not want to eat them!  Furthermore, most of these apples are grown thousands of miles away, picked while they are still green and exposed to ethylene gas so they can ripen as they are being shipped to their destination in a truck.  Not only do these fruits still carry a residue of the chemical but because they are picked early, they may have little or no nutritional value by the time they reach your kitchen table.

Our modern food supply has become a mixture of chemicals and additives with the emphasis on appearance and taste as well as shelf life, rather than on the nutritional value.  That's why by middle age many people have as much as 20 pounds of undigested, putrefactive food in their colon.  No wonder why colon cancer is the number one cancer in the United States.

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Body Pollution Affects Every One of Us

Back in 1976, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) began a program of collecting and analyzing human fat tissue samples - looking for toxic compounds.  They searched for and studied 54 different environmental toxins.  What they found was alarming.  100% of the people they studied had toxic chemicals stored in their bodies and at least 76% of all people had more than 20 different chemicals stored.

U.S. EPA Analysis of Toxins in Human Fat Tissue Samples
Toxin Chemicals Possible Common Source % people containing this toxin in their
fat tissue
Styrene styrene based cups 100%
1, 4-Dichlorobenzene house deodorizers, mothballs 100%
Xylene gasoline, paints, lacquers 100%
Ethylphenol OCDD drinking water, herbicides, wood treatments, auto exhausts, incinerators 100%
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 HpCDD wood treatments, auto exhaust, herbicides, incinerators 89%
HxCDD gasoline 96%
Benzene drinking water 96%
Chlorobenzene gasoline, produce 96%
Ethylbenzene p, pl-DDE 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 HpCDF wood treatments, auto exhaust, herbicides 93%

Well, it was 1976, things may have been improved ... or is it? On January 2004, a study released by the Atlanta Centers for Disease Control (CDC) shows alarming levels of pesticide contamination in North America. CDC researchers tested the blood and urine of more than 9,000 people for level of 23 pesticides, and found that 100 per cent of the subjects carried detectable levels of contamination. The study shows the average American has 13 pesticides in his body, many at levels well above health thresholds set by U.S. EPA.

Think about it!  Every single person had some toxins in their bodies - undeniable proof that body pollution is a very real concept and a threat to your health.

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Our world is vastly different from that of our ancestors.  While we are more aware of environmental pollution today than ever before, we can't avoid it.  We eat, breathe and live in our modern environment, making the ingestion of toxins a part of everyday life!  Click here to learn more about body pollution.

The Lifestyles' Intra
® Solution

Intra is a precise formulation of 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts manufactured by Lifestyles International.  As a natural food supplement intra helps balance and strengthen the body's systems with the essential nutrients that are lacking in most modern diets.

Intra contains herbs that help to protect the body from our toxic environment.  It provides a high level of antioxidants that help maintain youthful vitality.

Daily use of intra helps nourish body cells and provide essential plant-based nutrients.

Standardized herbal extracts and strict manufacturing processes ensure consistent quality and potency of the intra blend.

Since 1992, intra has been distributed around the world with millions of satisfied users.  It has passed the test of time for safe use and effectiveness.

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Intra is a Great-Tasting, Fruit Juice-based Drink Suitable for All Ages

How Intra® Works in the Body

For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed the secret to life revolves around the “pa-kua” (pronounced par-kwar), an octagonal symbol that depicts the eight points of the compass. It is believed that the trigrams (eight directions) give the pa-kua its power & energy.

 Perhaps it’s no coincidence that the body also has eight biological systems — digestive and energy, immune, hormonal (endocrine), structural (musculoskeletal), nervous, reproductive, eliminative/antioxidant, and cardiovascular — and that optimum power, energy and good health depend on all systems working together in balance and harmony.

It took many years of testing a number of formulas to perfect the combination of botanicals found in Intra. These 23 naturally-sourced botanical extracts were specifically formulated to work together with each of the body’s eight biological systems.

Click on the following links to see how Intra supports the different systems:

  Nervous System

Immune System

Cardiovascular System Hormonal (Endocrine) System

Eliminative & Antioxidant System

Digestive & Energy System

Structural (Musculoskeletal) System

Reproductive System

  Order Intra to Support All your Body's Biological Systems

Let's Compare Intra with other Popular Supplement & Herbal Products

8 Biological Systems Intra Goji Juice Mangosteen Juice Noni Juice Acai Echinacea Vitamin C Vitamin E Calcium
Digestive & Energy                
Eliminative & Antioxidant    
Hormonal (Endocrine)                
Structural (Musculoskeletal)              

Sources: Intra & Nutria (ingredients in): various sources, primarily Natural Standard monographs; Mangosteen, Noni, Echinacea, Vitamin C & Vitamin E, Calcium: Natural Standard monographs; Goji & Acai: PubMed

Only Intra Supports the Body's 8 Biological Systems!

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synergistic effect of the 23 botanical extractsAncient Knowledge + Advanced Science = Intra Formula

The special blend of 23 herbal extracts found in intra work well in the formula due in part to the concept known as synergistic effect.  The synergistic effect is defined as multiple herbs in a blended formulation working together to produce a greater benefit than any one of the individual components on their own.  A great example of this is licorice root -  this unique botanical magnifies the positive effects of other botanicals in a formulation.

Click on the links below for more information on specific intra® ingredients and their contribution to your health

Alfalfa | Aloe Vera | Astralagus Root | Bee Pollen | Capsicum Fruit | Cascara Bark | Celery Seed | Chicory | Chinese Pearl Barley | Dandelion | Fenugreek | German Chamomile | Ginger Root | Juniper Berry | Licorice Root | Passion Flower | Pipsissewa | Reishi Mushroom | Rose Hips | Sarsaparilla | Schisandra Berry | Siberian Ginseng | Thyme

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Intra® has been used by Millions of people around the world, let's see what they have to say about intra®

I am currently the Grand Master of Tai Chi in Clearwater, Florida.  I have won over 8 world championships in Karate and have been trained and coached by the best in the world.  Today I am currently 60 years old and have recently released a book called the Six Steps to the Fountain of Youth!  I am also a professional dance instructor and have been taking vitamins and supplements and herbal blends for years. Lifestyles products are the first products that I have ever endorsed.  Not only do I use Intra, and Nutria, but I am totally amazed at how Lifestyles has been able not only to have a product line that is on the cutting edge of nutrition, but to keep the price so reasonable that anyone can afford. I am so impressed with the integrity of the products and the folks behind the scenes, that I will be incorporating the Lifestyles products into all my Tai Chi schools in Florida and eventually around North America.
- Grand Master Dennis Kelly, Tarpon Springs, Florida USA

I have been introduced to many different types of nutritional supplements over the years.  My personal belief was that most of them were limited in terms of their ingredients and failed to live up to their hype.  So when my trusted friend asked me to try a bottle of intra to give me more vitality, I was less than enthusiastic.  In the end, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find intra is everything its made out to be and more. Needless to say, I am no longer a skeptic and I feel sixteen again!
- Sarah Palmer, Horsham, UK

intra herbal juice is Robert's edge to the game

"Lifestyles' Intra gives me more energy and stamina, it allows me to recover faster. It is my secret!”

- Robert Esmie, Olympic 4 x 100 meter relay Gold Medal Winner

Intra is Certified “Safe for Athletic Use” by German Sport University
Koln Institute for Biochemistry, an
IOC (International Olympic Committee) Accredited Laboratory.


See how Intra can Enhance your Sport Performance

Intra is convenient.  The dosage is just 1 oz per day.  23 different botanical herbs is contained within this tiny ounce.  However, I had decided to take 2 oz per day last March 17th 2003.  Within three days, I can breathe much easier. I now have an added energy and mental focus, which helps me in my job as a Financial Advisor for one of the top three brokerage firms.
- Jacqui Venci Wong , San Francisco CA USA

One of the side effects for being a drug dependent for years is becoming forgetful. After being on Intra for a few days, I felt all my toxins were gotten rid off and I feel much lighter and better. Having a high energy level is very important, so that I can handle 3 jobs.  Stress is the name of the game and now I handle it very well since I was introduced to this product. I thank my best friend Emily for introducing Intra. Now I share it to my friends in Taiwan, Philippines & Italy.
- Marge Palmer, San Jose CA USA


Miroslav Caban climbed to the summit of Mount Everest without the use of oxygen supplies but the help of Intra and other Lifestyles products.

  Millions of Satisfied Users Can't be Wrong, Order Intra Now

I am a physician from Farmington Hills, Michigan, who was recently introduced to Lifestyles - Intra. The result made me change my impression about Herbal Products in a very positive way. "Intra" in a short period of time increased my energy level and improved many of my small problems. I won't have any hesitation using this product and recommending it to others.
- Dr. Angel Dizon, Farmington Hills, MI USA

In July 1999 I was introduced to the products. They are really good for me. In fact, the way they work is so good I've started taking them twice a day! As a fitness trainer I workout six times a week and I am happy to have such a high level of energy and stamina.
- Jeanne Duncan, London, UK



This Japanese magazine reported the South Korean president and his family are taking intra



How intra® is manufactured

Growing the Plants

ingredient of the herbal juice

The botanical extracts used in the intra formulation begin their journey as plants from all regions of the world.  Lifestyles performs analysis during the growing phase to ensure that our intra plants are not exposed to chemical sprays or artificial fertilizers.

Not only Intra is Certified Pesticide-Free, indeed many of the intra botanical plants are wild crafted, meaning they grow naturally in the wild with no human intervention.

Picking the Plants

ingredient of the herbal drinkIt is vital that the plants are picked at the right time - they must have reached their peak growing phase to ensure that they have a high level of active ingredients.

Lifestyles has ensured that each of the botanicals used in intra are hand picked, washed with only pure water, and then naturally sun dried before being sorted into various quality grades in central processing area.

Once sorted, only the highest quality plants are exported to the extraction facility.

The Extraction and Standardization Process

Once the raw plants arrive at our extraction facility, several quality control tests are preformed to ensure the plants meet our high quality standards.

The extraction process is vital to ensure that consistently high levels of active compounds are present in the final blend.  Each plant is cut into smaller pieces and prepared for insertion into the extraction kettles.

The extraction process uses water, pressure and time to extract the active compounds present in each plant.  Botanical extracts are many times stronger than the raw plant.

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During the extraction process, each botanical is tested for active compounds.  The standardization process is performed through a method known as high-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) - the gold standard of measuring nutrient activity.  This will ensure each botanical has a consistently high level of active compounds.

Blending of Intra® Proprietary Formula

Once each of the plants have been extracted and standardized, they are blended together in the specific proportions that make up the unique botanical blend of intra.

They key to the botanical blend is the balance between each of the extracts - they are specially formulated to enhance each other in the final product.

The intra formula is proprietary to Lifestyles and is known only to very few people in the world.

Intra® Quality Assurance

Each batch of intra is subjected to a rigorous set of quality control tests to ensure the quality of the finished product meets or exceeds the standards of Food GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Regulations.

The intra factory is 'Hazardous Analysis and Critical Control Point' (HACCP) certified.  HACCP is a state-of-the art approach to food safety recognized and supported by regulatory agencies around the world, including the U.S. FDA and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Each batch of Intra produced is analyzed for the following before it is released for distribution:

  • Botanical Potency - each botanical extract in both intra liquid and capsules is standardized for potency and purity of the active compounds.  This ensures the customers is getting exactly what the label claims.
  • Disintegration - this is a measurement as to how fast the intra capsule dissolves.  It is important to ensure that the product breaks down quickly in the stomach so the nutrients can be fully absorbed.  Intra capsules have been shown to break down fully in the stomach in less than ten minutes.
  • Yeast and Mold Testing - each of the raw materials is fully tested for any bacteria, yeast or molds prior to being used for production.  Then each batch of finished product is tested once again to ensure the product is free of bacteria, yeast and mold.
  • pH and Viscosity - each batch of intra is analyzed to ensure it is within normal limits for both pH (acidity) and viscosity (concentration).

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Intra also carries Kosher and Halal certification

Give Your Immune System a Fighting Chance

Body Pollution (the pollution from the environment that enters our bodies) is exposing our immune systems to levels of chemicals, toxins, pollutants and other agents our bodies were never designed to absorb. The scary truth is that we are all ingesting these negative substances everyday in the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe. Together, they weaken our immune systems and contribute to many of today's most common diseases.

Around the world we have seen an increase in cancer, asthma, allergies, HIV and, most recently, the outbreak of SARS and avian viruses.  Even relatively minor ailments such as colds and the flu seem not only to be on the rise but also more intense.  In many cases, our immune system is the only effective weapon against these problems.  But sadly, it seems we just can't fight things off like we used to.

So what can we do to support and maintain a healthy immune system, and be better prepared to fight off environmental invaders?  Daily supplementation with botanical extracts, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and phytonutrients is a good start.  By giving our bodies the daily nutrition it needs, we are providing the basic building blocks for a healthy and effective immune system.
  When Intra was introduced to me - my life changed dramatically. Two weeks and I feel fantastic! With my new body, feeling and spirit I can say I am 30 years younger and can go long hours in the dance floor!
- Benita Ghess , San Carlos CA USA

You cannot imagine how thankful I am to  Lifestyles products. It's changed my life. Only the people who have endured the misery I have for the past 8 years will know how truly grateful I really am. People now say I also look 10 years younger too!
- Sue Bush, Crawley, UK

  Toxic Chemicals in the Body can Reduce Immune Capacity by 50%
  Take Intra to Rebuild Your Immune System Now

Offsetting the Effects of Stress

It seems most of us are running so fast through our days, we literally feel as if we’ve completed a marathon when we finally collapse at night. What effect is this stressful existence having on our health and happiness?  A negative one it would seem, as it has been estimated that 75 to 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are for stress-related problems.

Stress is an unavoidable aspect of life; however it seems that today we are affected by more sources of stress, in more severe forms, than ever before.  In fact, a recent United Nations report called stress, "The 20th Century Epidemic."

Stress is part of a vicious circle that includes anxiety and depression. Each one contributes to the other, with negative effects being seen in the gastrointestinal tract, skin, and several internal organs. When we are stressed our bodies release additional adrenaline, cortisol and other stress-related hormones. Over stimulation of these hormones can lead to a state of severe exhaustion commonly known as "burn out."

Stress is related to - and greatly affected by - nutrition and diet. Adequate levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can help the body deal with the negative aspects of stress. Healthy foods and optimal protein and fiber intake can help balance blood sugar levels and may help offset the effects of stress and depression.
  My profession as a systems engineer is very demanding. When a server goes down, I stay overnight at the office and really exhaust a lot of my energy. Intra gives me energy & mental alertness at work.  This juice is fantastic! No wonder I've been on it for 2 years.
- Kirk de Guzman, San Bruno CA USA

University life was great, except for the amount of study I was doing for my exams. The work load was almost impossible to keep up with and consequently I felt under tremendous pressure and stress. Within weeks of taking these products I felt as if a massive weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Three years later and I still feel the benefits of taking the products everyday, I feel really healthy, have loads of energy and am tremendously positive about the future.
Andrew Holdsworth, Aldershot, UK

  Stress is a Part of our Daily Life
Let Intra Help You Deal with the Negative Aspects of Stress


The Lifestyles Guarantee

If people use Lifestyles intra consistently, 1/3 will notice some sort of result within 3 to 7 days, 1/3 within 1 to 3 weeks and the last third within 3 weeks to 3 months.  We have never seen this product fail to produce some form of result for those who tried it for 3 consecutive months.

Intra carries a 30-day money-back guarantee.  You've got nothing to lose, order intra now!

Please click here for the frequently asked questions about intra or email us if you have further questions.


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